Updating pirated vista

In case you’re not sure, check which version of Windows you’re running before we start, so you’ll know which section applies to you.

You’re already running Microsoft’s latest and greatest OS.

updating pirated vista-39

I could only go to Safe Mode, or Safe Mode with Networking.

Of the first 10 hits, six were inactive or had been taken down.

I bought my Acer Travelmate 3040 laptop from the tertiary institute where i currently study at. After almost a year of usage, one fine day, I was trying to do the regular Windows Update.

Microsoft earlier this week clarified that all versions of Windows, both legitimate and illegitimate, receive security updates – and that policy will carry over to Windows 7.

“There seems to be a myth that Microsoft limits security updates to genuine Windows users,” wrote Microsoft’s Paul Cooke, who works in Windows Client Enterprise Security.


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