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Prem then meets Vijay, a commoner who looks just like him.

Both of them decide to switch their identities with each other temporarily. Barjatya Starring: Salman Khan, Sonam Kapoor, Neil Nitin Mukesh, Anupam Kher Trailer (Mandarin) A young film producer, Liew, and his beloved fiancee, Tan, decide to settle down and get married.

Nikki even referred to Tyler as one of her best friends in a post from about a year ago.

In true pain in the ass form I want to publicly wish this major babe the happiest of birthdays today!

A corner bookstore in a small town may hold clues to a woman who went missing after going to Bi Jia Mountain alone years ago.

Xiang Shu Lei was dating Du Ke Jie but also had emotional attachments to Dong Xin Ni.

"Ang laki ng tanda niya kay Nikki, halos uncle na siya ni Nikki, and he didn’t even have the balls to express his feelings as clearly as he should have."Now, what was Troy "confused" about?

Could it be true that Troy has been advised (by whom? ) to "lay off" Nikki because their romance wasn’t doing his career (what career!?! Did Troy use Nikki as an "emotional shield" after he was reportedly broken-hearted by rumored ex-girlfriend Charlene Gonzalez’s decision to marry Aga Muhlach?

Riddled with guilt, Shu Lei and Xin Ni break off ties with each other.When Ke Xing finds the store and discovers Shu Lei’s amnesia, she and her boyfriend, Li Ze Xuan, try to job Shu Lei’s memory for their own personal gain.But will Ke Xing’s feelings get in the way of their plan?Then tragedy strikes again when Shu Lei gets into a car accident and loses his memory.He then moves to the small town of Yi Lan and opens a bookstore with Ke Jie’s books.If Nikki is nursing a broken heart, according to a Funfare DPA at ABS-CBN’s Talent Center, "she doesn’t show it."If you ask me, Nikki should thank heavens that Troy has shown her his true colors this early and what "kind of a man" he really is.


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